About the Course

Kingdom Culture School of Ministry consists of five study areas that are fundamental to every believer's ability to fulfil God's mission for them, and build God's Kingdom on earth:

  • The Kingdom of God
  • The Kingdom and the Church
  • The Increasing Kingdom
  • Kingdom Callings
  • The Keys of the Kingdom

Each study area is delivered via 11 high quality videos of between 15 and 30 minutes duration, making them highly accessible across a range of devices.

Accompanying each study area is a summary worksheet that can be completed online or off, that reinforces learning and understanding, and encourages and empowers students to explore practical applications of Kingdom Culture in their everyday lives.

Summary worksheet content includes:

  • Short recap of each video
  • Interpretations of biblical language and context as they apply to each study area
  • Ideas to encourage the application of learnings and understanding, here and now, in everyday life
  • Scriptures of relevance to consider and delve deeper into
  • Timely reminders and encouragement statements
  • A module prayer
  • A 'Test Yourself' mini-quiz